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  • Le Patin Libre at the Brixton Ice Rink : What is Contemporary Ice Skating?

    Video Interview with Le Patin Libre troop performing at the Brixton Ice Rink : What is Contemporary Skating? Amidst the spins and sequins of traditional figure skating, a few irreverent yet world class athletes turned away from the ageing traditions of their discipline in order to develop a new form of contemporary dance using the magic of gliding. Le Patin Libre is a Franco-Canadian company. Its skating artists are recognized as pioneers of this new performance art. In November 2012, [...]

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  • Cultural Displacement from Luis M. Jara

    Cultural Displacement from Luis M. Jara

    This short film looks to explore the most characteristic and common feelings which migrants have to go through (limbo, identity, immigration and adaptation) whilst trying to integrate into a new system and culture, which in this case it is to become a Londoner. We used contemporary dance as it is one of our passions and to also demonstrate these feelings in a non-verbal manner, combining cultures, using different attires with distinct fabric, music styles and dance genres, performed by international [...]

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