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  • Take VAT targets aviation industry #takeVat

    Take VAT targets aviation industry #takeVat

    Protesters descended on Heathrow today in a coordinated attempt to highlight the fact that the aviation industry pays no VAT.
    In a protest modelled on those recently seen at Oxford Street stores like Vodafone and Topshop by protest group UK Uncut, over 100 campaigners from TakeVAT and other direct action groups such as Plane Stupid ran around terminal 3 at Heathrow airport ‘confiscating items’.
    The campaigners were symbolically ‘confiscating’ items such as luggage trolleys and toilet

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  • Vodafone dodge £6bn Tax bill #vodafoneuk #ukuncut

    Vodafone dodge £6bn Tax bill #vodafoneuk #ukuncut

    Vodafone closed its Oxford Street store in the face of protesters angry that the firm has been let off a potential £6bn tax bill amid deep welfare cuts.
    Vodafone has confirmed the shop will remain shut until it is safe to open it again.
    However, it disputes not paying a £6bn tax bill.
    The firm said that it had been in negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs regarding a tax assessment, but did not know where the £6bn figure had come from.
    In July

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