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  • How To Stop Shaky Camera Syndrome

    How To Stop Shaky Camera Syndrome

    Do your videos suffer from the shakes? That sounds terrible, but I have the perfect remedy for you. I’m going to write you a prescription for a stabilizer. What’s a stabilizer? How many types are there? Why do I need them? What are the side effects? Settle down!! I’m going to tell you. Here are some great tools you can use to help you get the steady shots you’re looking for.
    A standard tripod is the

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  • How to achieve a smooth tripod pan using rubber bands

    How to achieve a smooth tripod pan using rubber bands

    Achieving a smooth pan on a tripod can be tricky, but applying a little friction to the tripod head and pulling the handle using a rubber band will help pull a smooth pan shot.

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  • 180 Degree Rule Explained!

    180 Degree Rule Explained!

    Continuity is a big part of filmmaking. If you’re shooting a short film or interview, it’s important to set the scene and establish your characters in space and time in order for the viewer to follow the action. One of the most basic continuity rules is the 180 Degree Rule.
    The 180 Degree Rule states that two characters in a scene should always have the same left/right relationship to each other. If you don’t follow the

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  • Micro Four Thirds

    Micro Four Thirds

    To make full use of the advantages of size reduction and new functions of the Micro Four Thirds System standard, it is necessary to combine a dedicated Micro Four Thirds System lens with the body. But existing lenses compliant to the Four Thirds System standard can also be used by attaching a dedicated adapter

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