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  • Occupy Global Day of Action #Occupymay

    Occupy Global Day of Action #Occupymay

    Saturday 12 May, police from virtually every borough in London – in addition to members of the Territorial Support Group – violently removed supporters of Occupy London who were simply sitting on the steps of the Royal Exchange. The arrests came after a day of “Meet the 1%” activities around the city timed to coincide with an international day of action marked in over 380 cities worldwide. A Section 14 should only be put in place when there is a [...]

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  • A 60 second story – Dan – Occupylsx

    We all have the ability to shape our world. Dan from Occupylsx shares his 60 second story.

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  • Snowed

    Shot during the snow flurry at the OccupyLSX, St Pauls

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  • Occupation Records: The 99 per cent to launch a record label

    Occupation Records: The 99 per cent to launch a record label.Occupation Records announces first album – Folk the Banks – for mid February release featuring Ani Di Franco, Tom Morello, Tao Seeger, Bill Bragg and Sam Duckworth Original album artwork by Jamie Reid, known particularly for his artwork for the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen Launches crowd-funding drive for start up costs for the record label All profits from Occupation Records releases will go to Occupy London, occupations across [...]

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  • Molly Shapes History – #OccupyLSX

    Molly is a hard working, taxpaying “Homeless-Charity” worker from London who actively supports the historic global stock market occupations and how the crisis cuts have deeply affected her family. Molly – “A lot of the media have reported only students and misfits or Anarchists attend here and I think that’s completely unrepresentative, I’ve had conversations with city workers and pensioners there’s lot’s of people that come here that have full time jobs.”

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Molly talks about Occupylsx