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  • Reclaiming Space – St Annes School with Climate Camp South Coast

    A local group of Lewis residents with the help from the South Coast Climate camp group take action to reclaim St Anne’s special need school which has been left abandoned and unused for over 5 years. The occupation camp encouraged local residents to take action in raising awareness and dialogue with local counselors and authorities encouraging thoughts and discussions through practical workshops about how the space could be transformed and managed into a vibrant community growing space. Produced by “You [...]

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  • It’s Alright – Live!

    It’s Alright – Live!

    Its’ Alright performed LIVE and in 1 take by the incredible community of Grow Heathrow. transitionheathrow.com/ Transition Heathrow is a grassroots action group working to build resilient Heathrow communities, capable of collectively coping with the injustices and threats of the economic, ecological and democratic crises. We have four main Aims: To further the Heathrow villages as an iconic symbol of community resistance to the economic, ecological and democratic crises. To develop and promote community and resource autonomy to support long-term [...]

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  • Happy Birthday Transition Heathrow

    On Sunday the 28th of February 2011, community members celebrate the year anniversary of Grow Heathrow and occupation of the site. The year has brought many challenges for the community who have been recently notified of legal proceeding for possible eviction. New court papers seeking to evict the community garden Grow Heathrow revealed that the project won’t have to appear in court until November 2011. The good news came after a turbulent two weeks for the environmental movement after revelations [...]

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