Le Patin Libre at the Brixton Ice Rink : What is Contemporary Ice Skating?

Video Interview with Le Patin Libre troop performing at the Brixton Ice Rink : What is Contemporary Skating?

Amidst the spins and sequins of traditional figure skating, a few irreverent yet world class athletes turned away from the ageing traditions of their discipline in order to develop a new form of contemporary dance using the magic of gliding.

Le Patin Libre is a Franco-Canadian company. Its skating artists are recognized as pioneers of this new performance art. In November 2012, they will be proposing their work in London for the first time through modest demonstrations at Brixton Ice Rink:“What is contemporary ice skating?” – November 10th and 17th 2012, 8:30pm

The skating artists believe these accessible events will convince the artistic community that their years of hard work against the well-deserved stigmas of “On Ice” entertainment paid off and truly gave birth to something worthy of the most demanding audiences.

These will hopefully give ice-skating the cultural forgiveness Le Patin Libre is begging for by also attending to the first complete contemporary skating piece to be presented in London: “The Rule of 3” – January 9 th 2013, 8:00pm – January 20th, 5:00pm

Alexandra Palace’s ice rink (more dates and locations to be announced soon) “The Rule of 3” is aesthetically centered on a liberating re-exploration of the medium of skating, with which immobile bodies can be set into motion… However xperimental, the piece is still wittingly narrative, telling the story of a group of addicts going through a strange therapy. Beyond its weird word-less humour, the piece will be appreciated as a heartfelt ode to the beauty of the strange, to the grace of the wounded and to the victory of the extraordinary over the banal.“A little revolution” – La Presse, Canada, 2008 “Crowds did well to rush there. It’s great art.” – L’Yonne Républicaine, France, 2007“A real performance art” – Le Figaro, France, 2012

Production by “You and I Films” – http://www.youandifilms.com for Brixton Life 



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