Adidas – Don’t Run with Apartheid

Adidas - Don’t Run with Apartheid

Adidas – Don’t Run with Apartheid
Ask adidas to withdraw their Sponsorship
of the Jerusalem Marathon

On the 25th of March protestors occupy the adidas oxford street store in central London.

The Adidas-sponsored Jerusalem marathon is due to take place on March 25th. It will pass through Israeli controlled West Jerusalem and the illegal Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev

Construction of these illegal settlements is a violation of international law didas’ sponsorship of the marathon acts to aid and abet this war crime.

The marathon undermines the Palestinian call for a cultural and sporting boycott whilst Israel continues to ignore international law. Violating on a daily basis the human rights of Palestinians

The marathon is organised by the same municipality that routinely organises house evictions and demolitions in East Jerusalem.

Since 1967 Israel has moved over 400,000 Settlers into the Occupied Palestinian Territories, flouting international law and dozens of UN resolutions and forcing Palestinians of their land.

The construction of illegal settlements has caused the death of numerous Palestinian demonstrators who have gone to non-violently protest the theft of their land.

Tragically Jawaher Abu Rahmah died as a result of inhaling tear gas fired at her by Israeli soldiers on 31/12/2010. Her brother, Basem Abu Rahmah died after being shot at with a tear gas canister directly to his chest at a protest in the same location.

You have influence : Demand Adidas Kicks the Occupation to the Kerb.
Support the Cultural and Sporting Boycott of Israel

Modelled on the international boycott campaign that targeted South African Apartheid. The Palestinians have called for non-violent social action to pressure Israel to conform with international law.

What you can do:

E-mail: Demand they withdraw their sponsorship of the Jerusalem Marathon. Every email counts and will make a difference.

Boycott Israeli consumer produce Every time you purchase Israeli goods, you contribute towards making the illegal occupation financially viable. After all, a successful Israeli economy supports their status as a military & nuclear superpower.

Boycott Israeli sporting and cultural events  Show your disapproval by not attending.

Get involved with one of the many Palestine solidarity organisations and join in with actions or demonstrations.

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