Vodafone dodge £6bn Tax bill #vodafoneuk #ukuncut

Vodafone closed its Oxford Street store in the face of protesters angry that the firm has been let off a potential £6bn tax bill amid deep welfare cuts.

Vodafone has confirmed the shop will remain shut until it is safe to open it again.

However, it disputes not paying a £6bn tax bill.

The firm said that it had been in negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs regarding a tax assessment, but did not know where the £6bn figure had come from.

In July Vodafone agreed to pay HMRC £1.2bn to settle a long-running dispute, despite having put aside £2.2bn to cover it.

The HMRC bill related to so-called Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) liabilities, which applies to firms that are controlled by UK residents but which pay tax on their earnings abroad at a lower rate.

Protesters demonstrated outside the flagship store with banners branding the company ‘tax dodgers’ and urging the company to ‘Pay your taxes, save our welfare state’.

Protesters used Twitter to upload pictures and spread word of the demonstration.

Last month, HM Revenue & Customs allowed the phone giant to avoid paying vast amounts of tax on profits racked up by a subsidiary based in a tax haven.

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Insurrection on Oxford Street
“The next five years can’t just be about marching on Whitehall to hear Tony Benn speak”
Posted by Laurie Penny – 27 October 2010 15:37

“Hey, I want my money back!”

The young man in the grey sweater came to Oxford Street to buy a mobile phone; he isn’t part of the gang of activists who have just occupied Vodafone’s flagship store. The protesters are in their early twenties, and equipped with banners and placards demanding that the mobile phone company pay six billion in tax which the government allegedly waived earlier in the year, despite the Chancellor’s insistence that seven billion pounds’ worth of cuts to welfare benefits are “necessary.”




  1. Ben Darling says:

    This video was very good and I have passed it on to a few friends and shall be writing to my MP. Unfortunately knowing there is nothing they can do about it now. It makes me incredibly angry as well as hopeful that if anough of us get together we can make things be heard through peacefull protest.

    Could you please tell me what music is used at the beginning of this video?

    Thank you for your hard work. If there is any way of me getting involved in your work please let me know. This is a very good website and fully appriciated. Cheers.

    Ben. Brighton. 27.

  2. Harry Fear says:

    Hey! Fantastic video!

  3. paul says:

    Thank you to all involved in this protest – you give us some hope that all is not lost – sharing the video far and wide…


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