Crude Awakening – Coryton Oil Blockade

Hundreds of demonstrators have stopped 375,000 gallons of fuel from leaving a depot after blockading the road to an oil refinery.

Police were forced to close the road after 100′s of protesters created several blockades along the only road route to the refinary.

One block of 12 women handcuffed themselves to lorries parked to deliberately block the main road leading to the Coryton refinery in Essex.

Demonstrators  stopped traffic getting to and from the site, which exacerbates climate change.

A Crude Awakening for the Climate Movement

Organising effective environmental protest is one of the most difficult tasks an activist can face.

Since Copenhagen the climate movement has been somewhat demoralised as the hope that governments might abandon business as usual and adopt a global climate deal seems ever more unlikely. Attending a recent meeting of the Climate Rush, Telegraph Journalist Louise Gray ruminated

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50 oil tankers stranded as climate change protesters close road leading the UK’s biggest oil refinery

Hundreds of demonstrators blockaded the road to an oil refinery and claimed they stopped 375,000 gallons of fuel from leaving the depot.

The protesters, who barricaded the road leading to the Coryton Oil Refinery near Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, said they prevented more than 50 oil tankers getting to and from the site, which they accuse of exacerbating climate change.

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  1. meepfilms says:

    polished and lovely film of a well organised action. be proud.

  2. Tinker says:

    From a veteran Direct Action activist, Congratulations on a well-executed non-violent protest. Your affinity groups displayed admirable bravery and grace in the face of riot cops. innovative blockades, and beautiful street theater went hand in hand very well. The resulting film is both informative and inspirational.
    And although I have to say that tripods are not a new invention with regards to protesting as the voice-over says, (they’ve been in use for years, I’ve sat in a few myself…once on a coastal mudflat to blockade an aviation pipeline being built in an earthquake zone.) nevertheless it was still a good use of the tactic and seemed to keep the police busy for a while.

    Once again, very well done. I hope this Action helps to inspire a new generation to understand that civil disobedience IS civil defense…and that with non-violence as our ally, we will change our world.


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