RiBS the Trojan Pig makes a mess at Cairn Energy

Climate Camp activists cause ‘oil’ spill outside Cairn Energy

An ‘oil’ spill was caused outside the offices of Cairn Energy in central Edinburgh this morning. Activists targeted the Scottish energy company because it used public money from RBS to help it start drilling for oil off the coast of Greenland last month.

The activists who met at the Climate Camp carried a two metre long pig(gy bank) branded with the RBS logo filled with 60 litres of an oil like substance towards Cairn Energy’s offices. Triggered by a golden coin representing the public money used to bail out the bank, the RBS ‘piggy bank’ unleashed its contents, believed to be molasses, covering the entrances and the street. Activists also sprayed ‘oil’ on the outside of the building with fire extinguishers.

It was revealed yesterday that Cairn Energy received £117 million of loans and equity last year from RBS, almost half of which directly enabled the drilling off the Greenland coast to start. This drilling is particularly controversial because (a spill in the area would be almost impossible to clean up due to the thick ice) the area hasn’t been exploited for oil before and has only been made possible as climate change has caused icebergs in this region to melt. The BP Deep Water oil spill has clearly shown the dangers of offshore drilling and it’s argued that Cairn don’t have the experience to deal with accidents in the previously pristine and extremely environmentally sensitive Arctic.

Alex Wilson, one of the activists who undertook the action said:
“RBS doesn’t just sponsor the Edinburgh Fringe, it sponsors the oil companies who destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world through oil spills, war, drought and floods.

“Risky drilling in the Arctic by Cairn Energy has only been made possible by financial involvement by RBS. This is an outrageous use of over a hundred million pounds of public money given the economic and climate crises that we are facing.”

The activists say that this is the start of a new focus on taking direct action against the oil industry. A mass day of action dubbed ‘The Crude Awakening’ is already being planned and is set to take place in October in London.

Rachel Stone said:
“We have got the oil industry in our sights. We will be targeting the pumps, airports and factories that oil flows through. We will be taking direct action to switch off oil because it is at the heart of the climate crisis that we are all facing.”

According to Bloomberg figures released yesterday Cairn Energy received £117 million in equity and loans.

For more information on the Camp for Climate Action see

For more information about the Crude Awakening – day of action in October go to http://www.crudeawakening.org.uk

Greenpeace mobilises as firm strikes oil in Arctic
Find by Cairn Energy off Greenland could open door to huge reserves of oil – and potential for more environmental disasters

A Greenpeace ship protesting against deep sea drilling by a British oil firm in the Arctic has been confronted by a Danish warship, and its captain threatened with arrest.

The Danish navy has warned Greenpeace that the Esperanza will be boarded by armed personnel if it breaches a 500-metre exclusion zone around two wells drilled off Greenland by the Edinburgh-based oil firm Cairn Energy.

The confrontation came as scores of climate protesters targeted Cairn Energy’s headquarters and six other businesses in Edinburgh during a day of action to protest against the funding of oil and gas industries by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The protests led to the shutting down of the RBS headquarters on the eastern edge of Edinburgh for the day, with thousands of staff told to work from home or other RBS offices. Twelve Climate Camp activists were arrested during the protest.


Cairn Energy shares fall 4% despite Greenland discovery
The City was underwhelmed by news of Cairn Energy’s first discovery off Greenland but the company’s exploration chief said the find provided a “big tick” for its pioneering work.

Shares in Cairn Energy fell 4% after the company said it had found only small amounts of gas with the first well it had drilled off Greenland.


Quest for oil reaches Earth’s final frontier
Cairn Energy confirmed it had discovered signs of oil off Greenland

Environment campaigners have vowed to defend the unspoilt Arctic wilderness from potentially damaging development after a Scottish energy firm confirmed it had discovered signs of oil off Greenland.


Growing dangers in new oil exploration
Cairn, the next BP?

asks the stencilled message that has appeared on various walls and pavements across Scotland since the start of the climate change protests last week. It is a neat epigram for the dilemma facing humanity in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Weaning the world off oil
Greenpeace’s occupation of an Arctic rig carries a simple message: stop drilling for fossil fuels

This industry has lost its grip on reality. Anyone who has seen the remarkable images coming from the Arctic over the last few days will know how unusual, dangerous and extreme this business has become. While icebergs the size of football stadiums are towed out of a rig’s path, ships equipped with high-pressure water cannons blast smaller chunks into submission. And all the while the clock is ticking. As the winter freeze edges nearer, this frantic exploration company rushes to finish the job before sheet-ice cuts off the region completely.


GreenPeace Esperanza in the ArcticThey didn’t just protest about it – they actually stopped it. The drills stopped turning.

“I’m not sure what will happen to us now, but as soon as we can we’ll be back to call for the world to finally go beyond oil. It is time for people everywhere to take a stand, to call on their governments to fight climate change, ban dangerous deep sea drilling and invest in clean energy solutions that will protect the world’s fragile environments from cowboy oil companies like Cairn Energy.”

From Ben onboard the Esperanza in the Arctic...

From Ben onboard the Esperanza in the Arctic...




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